An EWI player and programmer since the EWI 1000 in the mid 1980's, I've spent countless hours programming sounds and playing the EWI live, in the studio, and on a multitude of projects over the years. I also happen to be an Apple Certified Logic Pro Trainer and I even spent a short stint teaching Logic and Mainstage for Apple. From sound design & programming, integrating the EWI into your live rig, utilizing the power of Logic or Mainstage in live performance, or setting up and maintaining a Mainstage rig, I'm sure you'll find something useful here for your EWI explorations. Please feel free to ask questions through the contact form in the footer below and I'll be happy to try to help sort out your EWI problems. I also offer consultations and lessons via the web and in person in NYC. Enjoy the site and happy EWI-ing!


Here you can learn more about using the EWI (or most wind controllers) with Apple's flagship audio tool, Logic Pro X. Please explore and enjoy! Feel free to contact me to answer your questions.

Create a Range Limiting Environment Object 

To continue with our environment, weʼre going to move into a little bit deeper water. Up until now weʼve created simple objects to control a single parameter with a simple on/off switch like interface. This week weʼre going to build…

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Create a Pitchbend Kill Switch 

Watch the video for this tutorial: HERE 

Now weʼre going to build a pitchbend kill switch. This is great if youʼre driving more than one sound source at a time and want one to react to pitchbend and the other…

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Creating A Unique Identity on the EWI 

I think ultimately the question we all ask ourselves becomes: “What creates a musical identity on an instrument?” I’ve posted this question before on other wind forums and have gotten minimal input from others. This is one of the questions…

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Dynasample Xpression


I have written before and I still maintain that I'm not particularly a fan of wind synthesis as a repalcement for acoustic instruments. I don't think the technology has reached a point of being viable in that capacity and honestly…

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Harmonic Rotator


Here's a video of me playing around with a MIDI script sent to me by Robby Kilgore. This script is a "harmonic rotator" that emulates the voice rotation function of the classic Oberheim Xpander analog synth. This rotator function…

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Programming Basic Breath Control for Kontakt

Basic Breath Control Programming For Kontakt 
(View the companion video for this tutorial here

In this tutorial we’re going to delve into a subject that I have been asked about on many occasions. Probably my number one all-time requested…

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Programming Basic Breath Control for EXS24

Basic Breath Control Programming For Apple’s EXS24 Sampler
(View the companion video for this tutorial here

In this tutorial we’re going to delve into a subject that I have been asked about on many occasions: Programming breath control for…

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Basic Breath Control For Kontakt

Building an EWI Environment In Logic 1B

Create a Pitchbend kill Switch

Basic Breath Control For ESX24

Building an EWI Environment In Logic 1C

Dynasample Xpression Chord Mapping

Building an EWI Environment In Logic 1A

Volume to Modulation Mapping

It’s An EWI Christmas!

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